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Monday, August 15, 2011

W0mEn !n !nDePeNdEnT !nD!@...........!!

It's beyond the bounds of possibility for me to sit still and not have something to think about.... On 64th independence day of India i sit back in my couch n think about How independent is Indian woman in this independent country of ours...No doubts about how the woman have been in a lot more estimable status these days than post independence and the situation is getting better and better day after day but thats not the only thing that's improvering because so is the crime against woman.....and you'll be amazed to know that nearly 60% of sexual assault is still not reported especially in India....I'm not aware of the fact if you have read the book called I Am Nujood, Age 10 & Divorced....This book best describes about the girl who was coached to nod her head at every word of his Dad and Brother..she was brought up to be a yes girl..and was married forcefully to man in his thirtes..although this isn't a case about a Indian girl but i'm sure there are still many girls in our Independent India who are facing such woeful situations,, Moreover Nujood happened to be more effective than any missile and following soon enough another 8 year old girl was allowed to divorce a middle aged man...... Nujood's story was sombre enough to stab right at your heart... and it brings birth to an exteremly distasteful and disgraceful feeling inside me about many more Nujoods in India itself....and even though Nujood was able to win her life back but i wonder if the Nujoods that are still in the dark would ever get to fight back....Who knows...!!
In this independent India women are still not allowed to wear what they feel like.(my previous post perfect enough speaks much about it)..and in cases when no direct impositions are made or carried out...our society always find ways to make her not do what she wants....her desires are crushed now and then and she's not allowed to mourn about them coz in this free country of ours she's a free bird...she is given a status that equal the opposite sex.....so no excuses you see....and when she behaves like one (a free bird) she gets hit by those lusty eyes that are able to scan her inside out....the recent slut walk says a lot about it.....women in India have so many yet so little choices....she can work but has to be home at said time.....she can be a nurse or a soldier...but she ought to be there to raise her kids.....make food for the family....and men still doesn't go along the word 'kitchen'....that's the irony of being a woman in independent India.....!!

PS i'm sure there are a lot of good things happening to women around in India but you got to admit that the quotient of wrong is much more high......!!

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