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Monday, October 15, 2012

The much lost peepers..!!

my good old glasses..!!
This is a story of my peepers.. the one that are always abandoned.... by not to mention me of-course but that doesn't offends them much.. for they always decide to make me pay back.. they are always absconding.. :/
and then after ages even if i find them back (magically) i manage to take the liberty of setting them free again.. Oh I'm sorry all over again..!!
These careless peepers i tell you..!! :p

So on a chilly day today i decided to start with the much talked novel by J.K. Rowling The Casual Vacancy..
All set with a soothing mug of coffee in my one hand.. and the book in the other.. i darted towards the cozy cane swing of mine.. and just when i pined up my loose hair and opened the Novel.. i felt a familiar stress.. a hint of headache n strain over my eyes.. yes i need my peepers is what popped in my mind..!!
But hey when was the last time i saw them..or put them on.. (hate to admit it but i look so weirdly nerdy wearing them.. i avoid them to the best possible stretch)..!!

So have i lost them again..??
Hell Yesssssss..!! :/

well in that case.. it's not a new story..!!

The latest (lost) one..!!


ila said...


$m!k$h@ said...

Well ok.. You dont have to mention it.. grrrrrrr..!!

!\!!T!$H said...

U knw.. u luk lovely in glasses :-)

$m!k$h@ said...

IS that you nits..??
the dumbo one..??

!\!!T!$H said...

Exactly d same one ; -)

M hpy u remember me..

Hwz u??

$m!k$h@ said...

I'm good..thanks for asking.. :)
but in state of SHOCK.. you found me here on my blog.. it's kind of strange.. but that suits you ryt.. you weirdo.. :D
how are you btw..??

!\!!T!$H said...

M fn.. yaa I found u after 2 yrs,,,
oll thnks to ur bodyguards.. lol

:p :p

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