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Monday, August 5, 2013

It's My Doll's Birthday..!!

I don’t know where to start from. Words fall short whenever someone asks what you mean to me. Sometimes I like to go with the quote that you are a sister God forgot to give me. But then deep in my heart i know that certainly it’s the best that we are not sisters by blood. Because a bond of hearts forged by love like the one we have is seldom to be. I’m falling short of words again. Words actually stop pouring in when a bond like ours is to be describes so it would be in the best interest of this post that I don’t even try to do so; and thus not making it boring anymore!
Everyone has an angel in one’s life. You are my angel Eksha Arora..!!
that million dollar smile.. has crazy fans...!!

If I had to I can spend the rest of my life.. sitting next to you in front a TV,in my pyjamas, doing absolutely nothing.. just like you, even when I know how pathetically bad it would be.. :P
But be assured I can do it.. you know that chum..!!
I really have no idea about what’s going around us.. it just makes me mad to even think about it.. but assurance that I can provide you is that you’ll be finding me next to you what-come-may..!!
You are the essence of my life,, we have grown up together..learnt together..rebelled togather.. fought together.. loved and lost together.. got up again together..and we will win together.. because no force on earth can pull us apart..As they they say if you are friends for  more than 7 years, you are friends for a lifetime..our bond dates back to 1996..17 years of sheer bliss ‘touchwood’.. you are my priceless possession girl.. you dare not forget that..!!
she's the purest soul i have ever met.. the girl witha golden heart..!!

I love you more than anything.. And uff your dialogues .. I still remember you saying….” ***** ke liye mar sakti h kamini, mere liye jee nai sakti”.. you just killed that chaotic silence of a serious moment eksha arora and you always do so.. You lil devil.. but I love for that too.. a million more such stories of your is what I’m a part of.. passive versions of some are still in my ears.. but it would never tire me put to listen to your whinning even at  4 O’clock in the  morning.. because that’s what’s besties are for.. isn’t it..!!
You being one of the best things ever happened to me.. I owe you my everything.. you were a miracle to be.. Disney movie taught me to believe in magic.. because magic comes to thos to believe in it.. you are the magic of my story..
i still remeber the fits of laughter we got after this pic was clicked..!!

On your birthday today..i remember all those life giving hugs.. and memorable and not -so- memorable moments as well.. and  all the good and bad times.. we have had ever.. may be together or apart.. and beleieving that only good things are going to blossom in your ways.. I wish you many many happy returns of this wonderful day.. May all your Sweet dreams Come to life..!!

and  finally there's one another thing i want you to know..


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