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Monday, August 8, 2011

PeRfEcT En0uGh.......!!

I entered the room n she (K) giggled.....she's not worth noticing (and that is why she keeps her quack quack loud enough to be heard by other.....pheeeeeewwwwwwwwww kya kya karna padta h apni existence prove karne ke liye logo ko) and so i didn't notice her (as well as her chortling),, Perhaps a chum of mine told me about this and it was stuck there and then in my mind that this deserves a blog post.....!!

"i wonder why she is wearing this...it's too short/revealing/ see~through /sleazy/ tacky/ crummy/ cheap/ tatty/ shoddy/ chintzy/ gilded/ rubbishy/ gaudy/ gimcrack/ loud/ cheapjack/ cheesy/ flashy blah blah blah...

what do you want..why is that a problem for you and who are you to decide what others should wear and what not.... I'm not concerned with K only here but i keep poring such remarks very often..!!
Is it sane to comment on other girls (you being a girl)...what are you a fashionista....haha i hope you have a mirror back at your home....what gathers more of my solicitude is the psychology of our society....why cant a girl be dressed up according to her content and comfort....If she wears an attire such as salwaar kameez she's too audacious to you and if she gets into a sexy outfit she a bitch...isnt she....??

Such a plagiarist you succeed to be.....and on that note here's an advice for "K" "Even though you got the tit for your tat it's time for contemplation babe"...and for other it's time to wake up...to realise that everyone has a right to be oneself.....!!

PS I'm a girl who is confident enough to slip into a bikini as comfortably as i slip into a salwaar kameez.....and you better keep that in your mind next time you make a comment over me....!!

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