A wriggle to know the real me, to explore the things coming out in my way.. a lot has done yet a lot has to be done.. i hardly have any regret from life.. i just love my life the way it is for if the past haven't had happened i wouldn't have know the value of my present n my future.. My blog is a reflection of what i feel when I'm glad to skyrocketing heights and also when I'm low to seabed depths.. my experiences.. my memories and many more things that you may revael youself..!!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

I am..!!

I am non-ignorable and helplessly attractive. My mind is as big as my heart. I am Red!

Not the dirty fellow. Not in a submarine either. I live it the warm, spiritual and happy way. I am Yellow!

I am wit, wrapped in a garb of pure adorableness. Alternating between silly and smart, I am Pink

With wings under the arms, my ambitions soar the highest. I love making merry while the uprightness is in your face. I am Green

There are more ideas in me than hair on my head. My creativity extends to being nimbly jugaduu. I am Purple!

Curiosity, Intuitiveness and Playfulness ooze out of me. I am Tangerine!

I have a calm that's hard to stir. There's no giving up for me, I am a fighter. I am Blue!

courtesy: facebook..!!


!\!!T!$H said...

Awesome copy paste ;-)

$m!k$h@ said...

why not share things you know everyone can relate to, while giving credit to the exact source?! :)

$m!k$h@ said...

Thanks for reading BTW.. :D

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