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Friday, March 15, 2013

The "Piano" lessons..!!

Okay so here i go.. a post after a drawn out period is finally here.. no excuses this time.. i admit to be a lazy bum.. weekends are much awaited n grabbed like a greedy monster (i can be that u know when all i do is lay down in my bed with a bucket of Ben n Jerry over the weekends).. so wasn't writing for such pity reasons.. anyhow i'm here with a post about something i'm doing more oftentimes now-a-days.. holaaaaa i'm taking piano lessons.. and to add to it.. *all-by-my-self*.. can you beat that fellas.. LOL.. i'm sure it's no big deal but because i'm doing exceptionally well.. i'm overexcited.
all i ever wished was to learn the happy b'day song cz i wanted to wish a dear one playing this over a piano while i sang happy b'day to my sweetheart  but then the piano thing was missing.. but now i have got all the solutions n i have even learnt playing twinkle twinkle for my dear nephew after learning the birthday song..
being so enchanted n thrilled about my progress i decide to write up about the same because that's my first passion afterall.. i always knew i;m good at learing instruments but musical one.. oh, i never tried my hand over it.. n i'm so stirred up.. it's all the way exciting to share my experiments at this corner of my life..!!

PS i got a comment on my previous post n i'm wondering about the person.. well by any chance Is that you        nits..the dumbo nits..?? 

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