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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Akaash Vani..!! ~ a movie review..!!

Akaash Vani (AV) casts Kartik Tiwari ( Kartikeya Tiwar ) and Nushrat Bharucha , Yes the same couple that was spotted in the movie pyar ka punchnama and is directed by the same director as well Luv Ranjan.
The reel life chemistry between the couple has sparked very well again.. kartik is as talented as charming and so is Nushrat..Music is as sweet to ears as honey to bees.. Overall a well written script and cordinated and oriented screenplay was able to make a mark.
This is a realistic movie depicting a situation that's faced by every second person at least once in his/her life provided they have ever loved someone. I personally know one such couple with whom i can relate the story line very well. Anyhow as i was saying it's a realistic movie.. it has it's own share of burlesque. So you have tears rolling down your cheeks,you will have sweet silly memories in your head, you will have a smile on your face, you will be cussing the society at times and at some instances you might be an angry bird!

The actors have worked amazingly adding the right mix of bling, innocence and emotions throughout. Kartik with his puppy dog eyes and Nushrat with her all glittering smile have ringed the bell the right way.
I personally liked the movie to a great deal..!!

PS A right meassage has been set the right way.. so take your parents out for the movie fellas..!!

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