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Monday, September 24, 2012

So Ravin gets Married..!!

I was plopping down just next to him..
He was rubbernecking me with eyes wide open..
I continued wiping my tears before they could roll down my cheeks but i couldn't do my best to hide them anyway..
He kept gawking in surprise making me look more daffy..
He was my classmate.. and we never had an interaction.. we were sitting in a local while on our way back to our places from college.. but i knew he wanted to know what i was reading that made me cry while i was surrounded by so many people.
Crying in front of somebody is a big deal for me so even though it is not important from the view of this post to know who he was who noticed me sobbing and any such stuff but i could not find a more proper starting because that's one of my fondest memories when i talk about the book "I too had a love story"..
A very close pal of mine asked me to read that novel owing to interest in reading.. it didn't take me long enough to find the book.. and i started reading the book like a nerdy bookworm who runs through an exam preparation fever and is all into her books when comes the season of exams..
i was so deeply involved in ti that i just couldn't help but read the book day and night even during my lectures while hiding the novel below my notebooks..
i remember i completed the book in 4 days.. and it was the last chapter of the book that i was rading at that time when i was caught shedding tears in a local.. and i don't wanna go through the details of how embarrassing it was but something was of much more relevance for me at that time..
i wanted to know what happened next..
Did he ever moved on..?? (for those who have read the bestseller know what i am talking about.. for the rest "aapka jeevan tab tak saarthak nahi ho sakta jab tak aap yeh book na padh le :)" )
and i knew i have made a connecting with this Guy who had gone through this much deal of pain in his life and is still surving.. I knew deep down that Godd things are to happen to this MAN..!!
then came "Can love happen twice..??" which took my heart away again.. (anybody interesting in reading can have the novel from me :D)

23rd sept'12 (yesterday)
Now that i was following Ravin on FB i knew what was going around in his life..
His status update yesterday was a little concerning.. It said.. "it's time to move on".. and i wondered what he regards to..??

24th sept'12 (Today)
It must have been 5 in the evening when i logged into my Fb account just to find out that he finally has not just moved on but has taken a giant leap.. He had tied the pious knot with some lucky lad "Khusboo chauhan".. and i can not express how delighted i was to know that some thing big and really alluring has happened to him (someone i adore for a reason still unknown)..
I wished him luck and happiness.. and I prayed to God to bless the couple..!!
I still don't know what i am so happy about because he wont even be knowing if i exist.. but then it doesn't matters.. does it..??

PS It's always a delight in watching someone who has suffered a great deal in one's life to move to a pleasing phase that finally brings sheer bliss to one..!!
God blessya Ravin.. :)
You are one of those few who actually made an impact on my Life..!!

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