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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Think about it!

Happy Navratras Dear Reader!

Soaked in the celebrations of Navratras I looked around this wonderful place where the festivities of rejoicing the victory of Maa Durga over evil is spread all around..

Did anyone  bothered to look around this place through my eyes (read peepers) ?

I am afraid NOT ( in capitals)

I don't want to hurt any religious sentiments but the people defying and chanting the name of Durga are also the one who disrespect the women in their lives or around them in one way or the other.... And the irony it's that they never leave any opportunity doing the same again and again ..

In our own country where women is worshiped she is also raped, assaulted, molested, teased and tortured in n number of ways..
According to facts India after Bangladesh records highest number of cases of acid attacks.. And 99% of them are against women.So a crazy thickheaded moron gets to spoil a girl's life just because his stupid male ego is hurt!
Fair enough.??
Sisters are molested by their brothers because the bad ass prick (pardon my french) thought they won't get anything more easy then this!
How virtuous is that..??
Wives are beaten by husbands so that they can display their manliness to world for the fact that not only they dominate their wives but treat them like some street dogs too.
You think such husbands are praiseworthy..??
You rape your best friend because she was fool enough to trust you..or maybe because some friend of you provoked you.. or because a girl you barely knew wore something that was revealing and inviting according to you.
So you decided to punish her..right..??

If I keep going on their its no neb to this post.. but the nitty-gritty is women in India and in most of the other countries too are not provided with the respect and security they deserve to live and nest with.. they are still mutilated by domestic violencesexual harassmentforced sex selective abortions, child marriage, trafficking, dowry etc.
Is this not called being hypocritical..??
IS it not high time we stop turning a blind eye to all this..??
We talk about various schemes of uplifting the living standard of women.. but fail to provide her with something she needs the most - the feeling of being secure!
Do we need to debate on the common grounds for this issue..??

If she can give you life.. She can rip it off too..!!

PS She is the one who brought you in this world.
     She is the one who will bring your child this world.
     She is someone's daughter.. someone's sister.. someone's love.. someone's SOMEONE!
     She is the one you WORSHIP.

     "Worshiping the HOLY DEITY when you cannot respect her reflection in every women around you is of no 

     use literally"
    It's doesn't makes sense to me at least.

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