A wriggle to know the real me, to explore the things coming out in my way.. a lot has done yet a lot has to be done.. i hardly have any regret from life.. i just love my life the way it is for if the past haven't had happened i wouldn't have know the value of my present n my future.. My blog is a reflection of what i feel when I'm glad to skyrocketing heights and also when I'm low to seabed depths.. my experiences.. my memories and many more things that you may revael youself..!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

You will get to know..!!

As you grow,
You will get to know....

How things can fade,
How people will change!

How careless you can be,
How many failures you will see!

How needy time can make you,
How your past will change you!

How luxuries can be meaningless,
How simplicity will become your weakness!

How badly can you crave for ease,
How rough it will be to seaze!

As you grow,
You will get to know....

PS phewwwww.. damn this hectic schedule..!!


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