A wriggle to know the real me, to explore the things coming out in my way.. a lot has done yet a lot has to be done.. i hardly have any regret from life.. i just love my life the way it is for if the past haven't had happened i wouldn't have know the value of my present n my future.. My blog is a reflection of what i feel when I'm glad to skyrocketing heights and also when I'm low to seabed depths.. my experiences.. my memories and many more things that you may revael youself..!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

You will get to know..!!

As you grow,
You will get to know....

How things can fade,
How people will change!

How careless you can be,
How many failures you will see!

How needy time can make you,
How your past will change you!

How luxuries can be meaningless,
How simplicity will become your weakness!

How badly can you crave for ease,
How rough it will be to seaze!

As you grow,
You will get to know....

PS phewwwww.. damn this hectic schedule..!!


Monday, August 5, 2013

It's My Doll's Birthday..!!

I don’t know where to start from. Words fall short whenever someone asks what you mean to me. Sometimes I like to go with the quote that you are a sister God forgot to give me. But then deep in my heart i know that certainly it’s the best that we are not sisters by blood. Because a bond of hearts forged by love like the one we have is seldom to be. I’m falling short of words again. Words actually stop pouring in when a bond like ours is to be describes so it would be in the best interest of this post that I don’t even try to do so; and thus not making it boring anymore!
Everyone has an angel in one’s life. You are my angel Eksha Arora..!!
that million dollar smile.. has crazy fans...!!

If I had to I can spend the rest of my life.. sitting next to you in front a TV,in my pyjamas, doing absolutely nothing.. just like you, even when I know how pathetically bad it would be.. :P
But be assured I can do it.. you know that chum..!!
I really have no idea about what’s going around us.. it just makes me mad to even think about it.. but assurance that I can provide you is that you’ll be finding me next to you what-come-may..!!
You are the essence of my life,, we have grown up together..learnt together..rebelled togather.. fought together.. loved and lost together.. got up again together..and we will win together.. because no force on earth can pull us apart..As they they say if you are friends for  more than 7 years, you are friends for a lifetime..our bond dates back to 1996..17 years of sheer bliss ‘touchwood’.. you are my priceless possession girl.. you dare not forget that..!!
she's the purest soul i have ever met.. the girl witha golden heart..!!

I love you more than anything.. And uff your dialogues .. I still remember you saying….” ***** ke liye mar sakti h kamini, mere liye jee nai sakti”.. you just killed that chaotic silence of a serious moment eksha arora and you always do so.. You lil devil.. but I love for that too.. a million more such stories of your is what I’m a part of.. passive versions of some are still in my ears.. but it would never tire me put to listen to your whinning even at  4 O’clock in the  morning.. because that’s what’s besties are for.. isn’t it..!!
You being one of the best things ever happened to me.. I owe you my everything.. you were a miracle to be.. Disney movie taught me to believe in magic.. because magic comes to thos to believe in it.. you are the magic of my story..
i still remeber the fits of laughter we got after this pic was clicked..!!

On your birthday today..i remember all those life giving hugs.. and memorable and not -so- memorable moments as well.. and  all the good and bad times.. we have had ever.. may be together or apart.. and beleieving that only good things are going to blossom in your ways.. I wish you many many happy returns of this wonderful day.. May all your Sweet dreams Come to life..!!

and  finally there's one another thing i want you to know..


Sunday, March 31, 2013

I am..!!

I am non-ignorable and helplessly attractive. My mind is as big as my heart. I am Red!

Not the dirty fellow. Not in a submarine either. I live it the warm, spiritual and happy way. I am Yellow!

I am wit, wrapped in a garb of pure adorableness. Alternating between silly and smart, I am Pink

With wings under the arms, my ambitions soar the highest. I love making merry while the uprightness is in your face. I am Green

There are more ideas in me than hair on my head. My creativity extends to being nimbly jugaduu. I am Purple!

Curiosity, Intuitiveness and Playfulness ooze out of me. I am Tangerine!

I have a calm that's hard to stir. There's no giving up for me, I am a fighter. I am Blue!

courtesy: facebook..!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

The "Piano" lessons..!!

Okay so here i go.. a post after a drawn out period is finally here.. no excuses this time.. i admit to be a lazy bum.. weekends are much awaited n grabbed like a greedy monster (i can be that u know when all i do is lay down in my bed with a bucket of Ben n Jerry over the weekends).. so wasn't writing for such pity reasons.. anyhow i'm here with a post about something i'm doing more oftentimes now-a-days.. holaaaaa i'm taking piano lessons.. and to add to it.. *all-by-my-self*.. can you beat that fellas.. LOL.. i'm sure it's no big deal but because i'm doing exceptionally well.. i'm overexcited.
all i ever wished was to learn the happy b'day song cz i wanted to wish a dear one playing this over a piano while i sang happy b'day to my sweetheart  but then the piano thing was missing.. but now i have got all the solutions n i have even learnt playing twinkle twinkle for my dear nephew after learning the birthday song..
being so enchanted n thrilled about my progress i decide to write up about the same because that's my first passion afterall.. i always knew i;m good at learing instruments but musical one.. oh, i never tried my hand over it.. n i'm so stirred up.. it's all the way exciting to share my experiments at this corner of my life..!!

PS i got a comment on my previous post n i'm wondering about the person.. well by any chance Is that you        nits..the dumbo nits..?? 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Akaash Vani..!! ~ a movie review..!!

Akaash Vani (AV) casts Kartik Tiwari ( Kartikeya Tiwar ) and Nushrat Bharucha , Yes the same couple that was spotted in the movie pyar ka punchnama and is directed by the same director as well Luv Ranjan.
The reel life chemistry between the couple has sparked very well again.. kartik is as talented as charming and so is Nushrat..Music is as sweet to ears as honey to bees.. Overall a well written script and cordinated and oriented screenplay was able to make a mark.
This is a realistic movie depicting a situation that's faced by every second person at least once in his/her life provided they have ever loved someone. I personally know one such couple with whom i can relate the story line very well. Anyhow as i was saying it's a realistic movie.. it has it's own share of burlesque. So you have tears rolling down your cheeks,you will have sweet silly memories in your head, you will have a smile on your face, you will be cussing the society at times and at some instances you might be an angry bird!

The actors have worked amazingly adding the right mix of bling, innocence and emotions throughout. Kartik with his puppy dog eyes and Nushrat with her all glittering smile have ringed the bell the right way.
I personally liked the movie to a great deal..!!

PS A right meassage has been set the right way.. so take your parents out for the movie fellas..!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Best Friend's Wedding..!!


It was his wedding day. As I finished giving touches to my mild makeup, my thoughts flew back to my college days. The first time I met him, he was just another face in the crowd. We met occasionally through common friends. We became good friends, always had fun at the other's expense. He never spared a chance to irritate me, which was not very difficult. We always ended up fighting and patching up the next day only to fight again. 2 years flew by but nothing changed. Our friends knew we were very close and teased us incessantly. We would blush but still continue fighting. Everyday I would wait impatiently for him to come. If I didn't see him for even a day my heart would not be in whatever I do. I would roam around listlessly. I attributed it to the fact that I did not have my daily quota of fights and patch up. We grew up together, but as we grew up we became more aware of our friends making fun of the usual teenage gossip and us. We slowly reduced our fights and spent less and less time together.

One day he came and told me that he was leaving to another city. I had always taken it for granted that I could see him whenever I wanted to. For the first time I realized how much he meant to me. All our friends were there to say goodbye. I wanted to say so much, but I didn't know how to convey my feelings. As the car pulled out, I realized at that moment that he meant more to me than anything else. He was my best friend but I also realized, I had unknowingly, unconsciously fallen in love with him. I wished he were there, in front of me so that I could tell him how I felt. But he was gone. There was not a day, not an hour when I didn't think of him. My friends realized something was a miss, as they had never seen me so silent and so lost in thoughts. When they found out the reason, they felt it was just a crush and that it would go away. Some suggested finding out his whereabouts, but I didn't want them to. I was happy to be in love. I didn't want to think that there were two possibilities, he might love me, but he might not. I was happy that I was in love and it was beautiful.

There were times when I would miss the sharing, the companionship, and the sweet nothings that people in love felt and enjoyed. My love was one sided but it was love nevertheless. He was always there in my thoughts and what better companionship can I ask for? Time flew. I went for higher studies and then to work. Through the years I heard bits and pieces of news about him. I heard he was abroad, studying. And then I heard he was in love.

My heart broke. The rational side of me knew that since I had never told him how I felt, I should accept what happened. But my heart cried. As much as I tried I couldn't stop thinking about it. I would spend the whole day putting up a smiling face for the people around me, and fall into my bed, tears streaming down my face. I realized I had to face the truth. He was my first love and would always be, but I realized life has much more to offer. I wanted to move on, be happy and maybe meet someone whom I would love and who would love me. Surprisingly fate decided to help me in its own way. I met his mom by chance and she promptly invited me for his wedding. I realized the only way to come to terms would be to actually go for wedding. I knew, once I see him happily married, I could and would get over it. I came back to the present with a start, as my mobile phone rang. It was my friend asking me out for a movie. I told her I was going to a marriage to meet a long lost friend and hung up. I was ready, to face reality.

PS say it guys.. before it's too late..!!

courtesy: Facebook..!!

My Best Friend in My Wedding..!!


I just came out of the shower. The new suit was lying on the bed. It was a memorable day for me, my wedding day. I was getting ready when my mother entered the room and told me that my friends have come and they are waiting to see me in the hall. I just glanced through the window n I could see all my friends chatting n laughing, people who have bee
n with me through my thick n thin. And then I saw her, an angel, and my best friend. She looked really beautiful, had put on some weight, n carried the cute little smile that I always admired. I slowly started traversing back, memories started pouring in, and I t has been a long eight years since I last saw her.

I first met her in college. She was cute, shy and a bit funny too. We occasionally met through some of our common friends. Slowly, she became a part of my life. We used to have lunch together, gossip around, and make fun of the teachers and those were moments when we felt that nothing existed beyond us in the entire universe. She used to wait for me when I had special classes and pretend that she had missed the bus. Life was so much of fun. No day ended without fighting and patching up. At times, there was nothing to talk, but still I craved to talk. That's when I used this weapon of fighting. She was quite adamant, never gave up so quickly, n I enjoyed every moment of those precious times when we fought and argued and then patched up. There were times when our friends teased us of a growing affinity, something beyond friendship. I pondered about it at times, but she was very quick to dismiss it every time. I slowly started realizing that we were made for each other.

But, fate had other ideas. My father got a transfer and we had to move to another city in short notice. The day finally arrived, I expected her to say a lot, I was looking into her eyes, trying to read what¹s going on in her mind, realized at that moment, Einstein¹s equations were much easier to understand than what¹s going on in a girl¹s mind. She never uttered a single word, just said good-bye. Tears were flowing down my cheek, I thought she would understand at least at that moment, but rain poured in washing away my tears and with it my chance of being with my angel for life.

She never contacted me after that. I went abroad for my further studies. I always made sure that she knows what I am doing and where I am through our common friends, hoping against hope that someday she will realize the love for me hidden in the deep cavities of her heart, and she would say those words which I longed to hear for years. But it never happened. She finished her education and later she joined a reputed software company. I slowly started accepting the fact that I was not the kind of guy she would like to spend her life with. In the meanwhile, I met a girl who fell in love with me. Knowing the pain of an unfulfilled love, I accepted her proposal, and our marriage got fixed. But, I wanted to see my angel at least once in my life. I asked my mother to pass on the invitation to her; somehow I strongly felt that she would surely turn up for my wedding.

There was a thud sound and I came back to reality. She was still sitting there and laughing, maybe to one of the jokes cracked by my friends. I knew at that moment, mine was not a lost love; it will always be there in my heart. If it was there for eight years, it will last forever, till I reach my grave. Just that we had to move ahead in life, in different directions. I got ready and started walking towards my friends. I was ready, to face reality.

PS words wen left unexpressed may leave hearts broken.. ♥

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