A wriggle to know the real me, to explore the things coming out in my way.. a lot has done yet a lot has to be done.. i hardly have any regret from life.. i just love my life the way it is for if the past haven't had happened i wouldn't have know the value of my present n my future.. My blog is a reflection of what i feel when I'm glad to skyrocketing heights and also when I'm low to seabed depths.. my experiences.. my memories and many more things that you may revael youself..!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Le$$on Le@rnT..!!

First thing first..apologies for the stint of post the previous days..and in advance for all the short posts I'm gonna come up in the near times.. =)
This post is about the wisdom I'm sinking in these days ::

Your willingness to be receptive to circumstances no matter how harsh is what will ultimately revitalize your self-image. You can get back in the game and bounce back better than ever, but you need to wait for a sign of encouragement. Bide your time wisely, tune out negativity and slow down. Give yourself time to know where you stand. Seek a retreat so you can recover your nerve, and don't be so hard on yourself because life isn't fair, never was, never will be. You wouldn't get what you dreamt for most of the times but that doesn't mean you ought to stop dreaming. No never. Go on, Dream higher, Rise higher and never let anthing drag you back to your shabby past and never ever forget to be young and silly to be old and wise.

"I know I know I'm not just an year older but an year wiser too"  =D ;D

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Winters for me came with a tidy sum of trvaelling this time and that explains the lack of posts in my blog and b'cz the travelling is not over yet all i'm gonna do is leave you guys with this wonderful extraordinarily mouthwatering voluptuous delicacy that i luckily had a hellot of chances to have in the nearly gone time..!!

PS i'll be back soon..!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

!3 0 0 !< $ ..!!

After all, reading is arguably a far more creative and imaginative process than writing; when the reader creates emotion in their head, or the colors of the sky during the setting sun, or the smell of a warm summer's breeze on their face, they should reserve as much praise for themselves as they do for the writer - perhaps more.

—Jasper Fforde
From The Well of Lost Plots..!!

sorry folks.. haven't been around for a while but now that i'm back  i'm gonna jot dwn about my friends i have been spending my entire time theses day.. Even though they have been with me for so long i never thought i'll write about them someday but now that i have appercieved the fact that i can never thank them for being in my life, for making a wiser person,for standing by my side through thick n thin.. i owe this much to them.

books have always been a staircase for me that take me away to where i want to be !

from fairytales to blooming chronicles of radical changes and finaaly towards a sane youth..books made crafty and perceptive with each passing day.. i never left them alone and so did they.
I'm lucky enough to have been privelged to possess a good lot of great books and no I'm not bragging about it. it's just that it is a great feeling to have a library of your own. Thanks to my Dad and Maternal Grandpaa for that. it would never have been possible without you two handsome gentlemen in my life. Love you xoxo..!!
Books have always fascinated me as told to me by my mum..(she calls me a bookworm but yea in a quping way).books always tickle me inside. i literally get butterflies in my stomach when i have my fav books in my hands (yes they are my first love..cheers to that).

More than i write i read.. so yea i'm a reader.. a reader who even though prefers ebooks yet die for travelling around the world (with my spl one <3<3) and vist from great ancient like Abbey Library St. Gallen, Switzerland; Real Gabinete Portugues De Leitura, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; Rijkmuseum Library, Amsterdam  to modern hi-tech libraries like Central Library, Seattle; National Library, Belarus.... well i ought to stop b'cz i can never stop talking about them.

For me reading is  divine. My thoughts, worries, fears all end up with the touch of those pulp scented extremely pale fine and feeble sheets on my fingers. they might lack color but they cause the air around so colorful and bright with rainbows and butteflies and ballons and what not that you give up all those little creases on your forehead to curves on your lips..!!