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Sunday, August 14, 2011

B!tTeR B!tE$ P@rT~2

URGENT for 2007 batch placed in capgemini or any other MNC...........

FYI:: All the MIET guys placed in CAPGEMINI are advised to ask your college authorities to conduct the project vivas asap. Capgemini has has mentioned that they are going to dismiss all the offers in jammu if results not declared by end august.......we (Atul Gupta, Goverdhan Singh & Divya Pathania) were almost out of the company on the very first day due to late results.......they have now given us deadline to produce results by end of this month and also they aren't going to give away joining calls to any1 widout provisional marksheet or degreee certificate of final year. So plz make it quick as any delay will certainly ruin ur careers...........!!
Heard any of this.......??

PS ummmm need i say more...........Guess Plan A nad Plan B strategy always works............!!
     What say....??

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