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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

CuR!0$!tY cR!$!$,FrEeB!e$ @nD G!fTs..........!!

hey fellas...long time....
For me this hebdomad was glutted with bewilderment and perplexity.....
Early this week i wasn't doing much work....and it was raining cats and dogs so i made the full of it (i love it when it rains and everything about rains)....but every tick might not be as every tock....little that i knew what was in store for me.....an induction function followed by loads of freebies......n goodies....but but but everything doesnt come easy...it was soon supervened by days of hectic schedule (that i am still trying to enjoy...even though i keep feeling a different ballpark...but that's a dime worth anyhow...!!)
During the induction function...i observed how well rehearsed people can be.... how nobody finds himself or herself good enough to be appreciated the way they are....but how would that help them....i kept sratching my hand as i always find it difficult to understand...about how..to come upon a stage and run lines to lines as if prepared,well learnt,got a line,byhearted their part...and reciting line to line and shit....!!
All they forget is to speak their mind and speak their heart...well may be because that isn't a dime and a dozen....but where's the fun then....isn't the life about little challenges....a little jeopardize in your daily routine....isn't it about to sit for an exam unprepared and to crack it too just because you know you can do it....apart from anything else how would it take you to prepare a speech that could describe your dreams...your aims....Damn where has the curosity vanished...why do people hesitate so much from quest of their lives.....they want to be this and that and what not but not their ownselves (Lesson learnt : There's no shortage of scissorbills)....!!

PS did i forgot to mention about the gifts (from US) that i got :P .... :D .....!!

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