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Monday, August 8, 2011

ThE L@t!n G!rL $pE@k$ 0F RIver$......!!

When I wrote about the serpentine river
I was really writing about a rape.
When I wrote about the moon over an oak tree 
I was writing about a preteen pregnancy.
When I wrote about the crystalline sea
I was writing all the horror around me into intricate filigree.
I was writing my heart out.
I was writing myself back in.
When I wrote about heart
I imagined a muscle of infinite distance,
of the brave little choo choo times ten.
I was dreaming of a heart-shaped boat,
an extension of my past, my trapped beginnings.
When I wrote of a river it was one
I could get myself into twice.
It was wide as an Anglo-dammed Nile,
long as the Negro Mississippi.
I wanted to wrench myself a new closure.
I wanted the tourniquet and the cannon.
I wanted the white water to sail me to a place
where the journey never ends—
instead of the endless fluid nights.
I wanted the fissures to heal of their own magma.
I wanted something of the banks to make clay,
to make me a setting at someone's bountiful table.
I wanted real silver on the plaits of that liquid path.
I wanted its icy skin to burn against mine,
to cleave with each lap,
and run, like the fallen log I was.
I wanted the box of my childhood to open.
I wrote longing in some minor key about a crystalline
river, about the telling moon, about a single leaf
 that could carry me home, about the knowing sea,
 about me.

~ Lorna Dee Cervantes

PS i love this piece of writing and this one's definitley worth sharing....so go ahead n share if you like poetry thats so admirable....!! :)

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