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Friday, August 12, 2011

B!tTeR B!tE$....!!

"Not all those who wander are lost".......!!

Change is the only thing constant in world..... Is this so hard to digest....??
This surely raises a few question marks in the air....(atleast for me)......!!

No i had nohting to prove around to people....i CHANGED my decisions because my conditions CHANGED and even you appreciate it or not i have done it...n you can hardly do anything about it...so stop making a fuss about it...although there wasn't any reaction from my side,pronto and it was more of a monolouge for my respect for elders..it should be lucid enough to you that i could have turned it into a dialouge (and my parents shore up me in this too n...they have been my backbone thoroughly throughout and keep espousing me what may come) anyway around....It's a dead cinch..Perhaps i wont pine away about your precious little appraisal... I'm not of that kind you see....rather than being jugemental and rushing into arbitration...unlike you i prefer being rational in my modus operandi ...and ofcourse another thing being that neither i am accountable nor i am answerable to you....Furthermore i believe in finders keepers....!!

Well if you were there till 11 in the night (which i doubt)...so was i and in a very different scenario than yours...for you probably would be engrossed with your 'chai biscuit n gup shup'.......!!
What i procured....i earned it on my own.... and on account of my capabilities...i need not corroborate anything to you... and if you think so it's your fault.....open your eyes a bit more...world is not only about snacthing and proving and pitiable stuffs as according to you......neither had i controlled the other collegian's minds for they could not clear their apti nor had the hiring authorities anounced limited no of selects...For if that had been the case i would not have been here definitely....!!
Just because you hold yourself responsible for all the good things happening to all the novices around......doest make it true..get out the shell you shack in....and try thinking out of the box....!!
Life is much more than the veiw of your window pane..... when you dont know any person and his/her story...stop comenting on that person's decisions....conditons in which one takes a decision are experienced by the person alone and since you cannot be in his/her shoes dont raise objections....for you are not me.....and you dont know the conditions i had been.....my state of mind is different than yours and if you dont believe in Plan A and Plan B... it's completely your way of living not yours.........!!

PS excuse me,,but i have a life to live.....you can hunker down on getting yours...!!

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