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Monday, July 4, 2011

Y @ new blog....??

I apologize for being out f site for a while but i got busy in my exams n for helot of reasons not good enough to be discussed here.....apart from that i express my regret for the inconvenience caused to my followers n reader apart from my followers for they weren’t able to access my blog from quite a long time now......n twinny if u r reading this here goes the long story....

i actually messed up a lot of things back these days my blog being one of them....i stood up to the much spoken "an idle mind is a devil's workshop" saying..... :P

Well while one day i was peeping into every nook and corner of my blog....i dun know how and from where this fiendish brainstorm kind of thing happened inside my head i decided to change my blog's url.....result being neither it changed nor i could access my blog properly....i was limited to a fewer actions now.....as much indemnifications werent possible by the time.....but i never lost hope and resoluted to work over it after my exams are over....n here i am with a new blog yet all those precious posts are intact here in this new blog of mine.....!!

PS i have a humble solicitation....all you bloggers who are reading this never ever mess up with your blogger url.....it'll make you go crazy as a loon..... :)

PPS cheers to my new blog "PAINT IT RED"

painting my own world in my own colors !

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