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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

$h!T H@pPeN$....!!

Copy and Paste ...... is a dime and a dozen these days......but can also head towards an axe to grind....well beyond a shadow of doubt it brings out the easier mode of sharing and collecting information,gathering data,n grabbing things that attracts you.....something dat was way too dozzy ( and copyrighted :o ) got my attention about an year back or even before as i dont remeber this very clearly now...... i picked up those lines from the net n used them in my fb profile n my blog too.....today i when i was cheking my mail as i was to recieve some very important documents..i got a notification about certain comments posted in my blog regardings those fictitious lines of poetry....it was from the author herself Ms Geetika kohli....n it had already drove her up the wall.....i was way too off my feet about what i had done to this girl unwittingly ....n i felt absolutely terrible about it but it had been too late....she was fuming with anger already.....i at once decided to pull the plug and clear the full monty and contacted her....she being exteremly humble was paitent enough to lend me an ear n  exempted me for my blind and deaf yet fallacious deed....the great thing being that we are now friends.....i felt like being on needles and pins....but then as it is said all's well that ends well.....!!

PS i guess i have got up over the wrong side of the bed today....but i'm still gonna keep my chin up and look forward for something good to happen to me.....!!

PPS did i mention that even after loads of hectic and pewt dashes i'm way too tickled pink for my twinny sneha.....??

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