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Sunday, November 6, 2011

M!$$ u $wtHrt..!!

Was thinking about you for a while..you are travelling ryt nw..n I dun think I’ll b posting ds one too soon..for I cant stop myself from crying..bt m cryin of happiness..cz nw I kno dat u’ll b bk soon..the trauma I had been through since last nite is nt explainable..i dun hw words to express the feeling I had at the thought of nt being able to c you soon enuf..n nw dat I knw dat no d saint gonna happen..m more dn jus happy..wonder wat will I don wen u’ll get married (evn though I’ll d happiest one dat day n m eagerly waiting for ds to happen asap)..bt ya seriously..we hav nt been lyk frnds..frm day 1 we treated e/o lyk siblings..infact u actually wer the way to b treated lyk my sibling anyway..i have learnt a lot from you sweethrt..n in ds course of lyf..i knw whether we had been there for e/o physically or nt bt we kept supporting e/o lyk anything..trust me if I say u r a strong pillar of my  being..you are a brilliant example of feminism..you always have a strong outer shell arnd u evn when u r tearing apart inside..the most important thing I’ll lyk to mention is dat u knw the art of forgivness..i have come a/c a lot of people in my life who say they have forgiven one n all..but u stand out in this particular square..u have a golden hrt dat forgvs everyone..like literally everyone..nomatter hw bad ppl have been yo you..you hav been genuine enough to forgive them w/o sayin anything..you nvr evr keep any grudges..n u knw wat that's makes you EKSHA..!!
I love you sweethrt..there had been nothing that we haven’t shared..i pray to almighty that ds friendship remains a bond for life..!!

lemme also tell u dat u r too gud in makin faces.. :P

 PS loads of love … xoxoxo.. I suppose m gonna post it now only.. :P ..!!

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