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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Droping a note on one of the topics I preffer not commenting on..
O yes..it's LOVE..!!

Believe it or not but once in your life, you meet someone who turns your world upside down and then you are ready to aver  them stuff that you’ve never went halves with one more bosom and they osmose lock stock and barrel you say and as a matter of fact crave to catch manifold.
 You chunk utopia for the ulterior, castles in the air, bourne that didn’t hold breath and the numerous letdowns life has dashed at your face. When anything stupid yet stupendously miraculous.. incredible (to you) transpires, you can’t hold up to break the news to them about it, knowing they will share in your sparkle. They are not bugged to shed a tear with you when you are messed up and ail or roll in the aisles with you when you take down a peg. Never do they vex your emotions or make you feel like you are for birds, but rather they puff you up and grandstand you the little things about yourself that make you smashingly special, unique and even beautiful. There is never any twist arm, covetousness or clash but only a serene buttoned up calmness when they are any which way. You are then absolutely yourself and don’t frown about how they will take you because they love you for who you are.
The stuff that seems meager to most people such as a pic, a letter/e-mail, a song or walk become precious prized possessions locked safe in your heart to be cherished forever and ever. Flashbacks of your nonage come back and are crystal clear and vivid it’s like being young once again. Colors seem brighter, true to life and much more ablaze. Glee seems atom of daily life where earlier it was scanty or didn’t prevail at all. And a single hello or two during the whole long day aids to get you through a hectic work schedule and without a doubt brings a shining smile to your face.
While they are around, continuous conversation is not required; you are content in just having them nearby. Things that never drawn your attention before become alluringly enchanting owing to the fact that you certainly know the significance of this person in your life..  Who is so special to you. This person is in your head (read heart) during every occasion and in each of your deed. Even simple things draw them to your mind like an ashy blue sky, mild strokes of air, morning dew, sober sweet smelling flowers or a child’s smile. You agape your heart knowing that there may be a fall of cards..it may be pulled to pieces some day but in opening your heart, you get acquainted with a love and delight that you thought was never going to happen to you.
 More surprising is that you enjoy being vulnerable.. to allow your heart to absorb pure ecstasy that’s so real.. it scares you.. literally. You discover vigor in knowing that you have a sincere buddy and God willing a soul mate who will continue being true-blue to you till the end and even thereafter. Life appears poles apart in toto, thrilling yet so calm.. absolutely worthwhile..!!

PS nothing.. :P ( toldya.. i preffer not sayin much about LOVE..!! )

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