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Friday, March 18, 2011

try killing that villian in you....!!

There's no one else on the earth except human...for whom the words: 'GOOD' and
'BAD' could ever be used....
Ever since our childhood...we are taught to be
'good' ...from 'NOT being super selfish' to 'being the one.. overflowing with
from 'always having empathy for others' to 'being a true
But sorry to say... as i have grown up...I sometimes find all these story
books...such as 'panchatantra' , 'hitopadesh', etc just so useless...
are stories that are meant to inspire kids to hold a good character and to be a
responsible person... who may at some point of time in his life gives so much to
none other than the mankind...
The values that tried to be inculcated through
them may hold the kids for the time they are kids...but as we see time chart
growing...these values tend to fall... obviously due to so many external factors
and hence largely because of inner conflicts... Values produced have become so
difficult to retain..
coming back....
Being 'good' is 'great'... and being 'bad' is the
'worst'.... why??
Why is it that ' It is so difficult to hold a good habit....and equally
difficult to loose a bad one...'...??
It is always the darkness that tempts us....Humans are 99 per cent
And there's only 1 per cent that makes us different from animals
-- that makes us human.
That is our larger brain, our ability to imagine,
to think beyond ourselves, beyond the here and now. This ability is a
double-edged sword: it can make us worse than animals, exploit, be cruel, or
better than them, empathise, be generous.
The former provides us with the
thrill of power and domination, the latter demands great effort and
We would rather be predators than prey. Animals become predators for
survival. When humans become predators, not for survival, but to feel
significant and validated and powerful, they turn into


vandy said...

well said

dnt knw where we are leading to

$m!k$h@ said...

thanks honey...your comments are always welcome....!!

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