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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

u better respect women...or v'll knock ur teeth dwn....!!

ds 1 goes 4 d females out dere hu r required 2 travel alot...almost daily....well hw many f u must hv been travellin via locals.....ie d matadors,buses,local trains...etc etc....d issue m raisin 2day z well knw 2 all f us....grlz wen u travel everyday 4 movin 2 ur wrkplaces,colleges,schools....or back 4m d same via locals.....wat do expect...a bit f dignified ppl arnd u...bt wen v turn arnd....u find a bunch f crooks surroundin,starin at u lyk u r candy n dey r kids..."jus wana lick u baby"....z wat u c on deir faces....

wat r u...a loaf f meat ??

...coz dey definitely r dogs....

wat z dese guys.....y do u gv us such looks...i mean hv u nvr evr seen a grl....d 1 hu gave u birth wz definitely d same,1d 1 u pledge 2 protect against every odd every year z ofcourse a grl....n d 1 u decide 2 spend ur whole lyf wd z d same evn...

a few days bk my mom wz tellin me dat a grl accompanied by a friend(grl) f her was sittin in a local nxt 2 a 35~40 yr old guy hu all f a sudden started rubbin his hand against her leg....she stood up n slaaped him hard....i wz really hay 2 knw dat v d grlz hv really started 4 standin 4 our dignity which z generally jus being talk'd bout n left on its ruinin condition.....

few days bk i wz crossin d road n a very fast car stoped in front f me all f a sudden n d guyz sittin inside said....."aur mad'mji kaise ho,theek,chaloge...??"

i went 2 attend d marrige ceremony f a frends sister n u wont belive wat d groom did wen i wz introduced 2 him....he looked @ me top 2 toe not once ortwice but thrice n dn asked...hwz u....studies goin well...??

i mean he wz d groom n wz jus nt supposed 2 gv me dat luk.....!!

2 guys sittin behind me last sunday,whyl i wz cumin bk 4m tution placed their haed near my ear n started singin aloud....dey jus din stop unless i gave dm a scary luk...!!

a few months bk sum guys sittin behind me pulled my hair a lot many tymz...n i in turn first remained silent bt den jus broke out n threw bad wrds ovr dem.!!

how many tym guys start pushin ur foot vd theirs....dey wud sit nxt 2 u lyk dey rule d planet...with deir legs wide open n u r left vd almost no space.....u hv u sit bk timidly lukin arnd 2 b careful...2 b awake so dat no body misbehaves....no body touches u,no guy push u vd his arch where he shud nt.....ds actually happes...sutyms dey evn pinch u...n trust me wen i say dey touch u sumwhere u nvr want nybody 2 n jus dn ellope 4m deir....u jus remain stunned thinkin wat jus happn'd rt nw....!!

till wen r v gona bear ds...i knw i hv nt taken so mant strong steps bt unless v get 2 gather....v get alnog n talk abt ds v vont get d right path 2 follow...so ds z my 1st step againt ds shit....dat m really nt gona tk nemore....!!

wish u happy travelling...!!

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