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Thursday, March 29, 2012

@ cOnVeRs@t!oN..!!

you got to be kidding me!
i wish i was :(

but how would i survive all this time ?
you have had survived for months before..!!

and how would you..??
by looking at you..!!

but you wont be allowed to carry your phone..how would you see my pictures ? :P
i never need your pictures.. i can see you whenever i close my eyes..!! :)

aww.. but..
hey.. i'll be back soon n then we'll spend great time togather..soon..very soon.. i'll be there with you.. in your arms..hearing your heartbeat..and wiping your tears..!!

but i never cry..(with tears in her eyes)
i know you are still crying!

------ (she couldn't say a words this time but only sob..silently..slowly..dolefully..gloominess surrounded her like clouds around a mount's peak..very carefully she kept a hand over the microphone and swabed her tears with the other..!!)
wipe off your tears yourself this time.. i promise i'll be there the next time you cry!

you always say that..
and you always keep cring.. my cry baby..!!

(with watery eyes and a weak wee smile) hmm..
what hmm?

come back soon (and tears made their way again..!!)
take care..i love you!!

you too and me too..!! (smiles half heartedly)
miss you..

i miss you too my soldier..!!

PS "a real telephonic conversation held between a soldier and his girl"..!!

PPS i am officially back guys.. so keep looking for new post every now and then at http://graciousenough.blogspot.in/ ..!!

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